Module Mathml2dtd

module Mathml2dtd: sig .. end
The Mathml2dtd module provides low-level access to the MathML2 DTD. Normally, you do not need to access this module directly, because the facilities of the Blahcaml module should suffice for most users.

Public functions

val init : unit -> unit
Performs a manual initialisation of the MathML2 DTD. Note that the DTD will automatically be initialised if Mathml2dtd.get is called on an uninitialised DTD, and therefore the invocation of this function is not mandatory. However, because the initialisation may take several seconds to complete, if you require predictability on the runtime performance of your application, you should invoke this function upon startup. Subsequent invocations will make use of a cached value, and thus return immediately.
val get : unit -> Pxp_dtd.dtd
Returns the MathML2 DTD as a PXP value. If this function is invoked for the first time, and a manual initialisation with Mathml2dtd.init was not made, then the DTD will have to be initialised, which may take several seconds. Note that subsequent invocations will return a cached result, and will therefore complete instantaneously.